Thank the Team

September is when we celebrate National Assisted Living Week and thank the team for their dedication throughout the year. This year’s theme – “Caring is EssentiAL” – recognizes the vital role that staff in assisted living communities play in the lives of residents and their loved ones. While members of the 305 West End Assisted Living team are known for their extraordinary professionalism, 2020 has highlighted the compassionate care our team delivers daily. Staff members have worked tirelessly over the past several months – united in their mission to provide the best possible care to residents. They continue to go above and beyond, extending their responsibilities to include tasks outside of what their job descriptions dictate. It has truly been a team effort – with everyone working together to support one another.

As a part of National Assisted Living Week, we invite residents and their families to take this opportunity to say thank you to team members who have made a difference in their lives. Fill out the form below, and the message will be delivered to the team.

Thank the Team!